“1000000% would recommend. Charlene’s approach to mental/emotional wellness and personal/professional effectiveness is different from anything I’ve experienced before in therapy, yoga+meditation, or life-coaching alone, and it was wildly effective. Through her experiential sessions, and the multiple touch points throughout our four weeks together, I was able to build tangible skills and habits and change my limiting thoughts and behaviors in order to take more action in my life and build a better relationship with myself. The wisdom in her method makes me feel like there’s this giant secret that’s been kept from me all these years! What that secret is, I’m not entirely sure how to articulate, but it’s something almost accidentally discovered through the transformation her program elicits. If you want to work through emotional stuff, GO. If you want to work through practical stuff, GO. If you want to be better in any area of your life GO meet with Charlene at Everyday Coherence.”

— Amy J., Brooklyn, NY

“Charlene is a true leader in practicing the mind-body connection. Her expertise in both the clinical arena and body work make for a great collaborative professional. Charlene has an open heart and positive energy that is simply contagious. As her colleague, I have seen, first hand, the incredible impact she has made on her many clients. If you are looking for a caring and devoted coach who radiates passion for the mind-body connection, then look no further than Everyday Coherence.”
— Mollie V., Brooklyn, NY
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“Charlene embodies both mind and body health. She role models ease, comfort, and strength. Her emphasis on mind-body connection in yoga is truly unique and rare to find. She is realistic and approachable. If you want to get into mind-body health, you have found the right person and program with Everyday Coherence.”

— Marci W., Greenwich, CT

“Charlene’s positive energy, genuine enthusiasm for helping others, and holistic approach makes her stand out above the rest! I couldn’t recommend her more highly! She empowers you to be the best version of you!”
— Melissa S., New York, NY

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