Vlog 2: Love Relationships as a Spiritual Practice

Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Whether you love V-day or not, and whatever your relationship status or configuration is, this 8-minute video provides tips on living a spiritual practice of deep intimacy and connection.

To start, I will define spiritual practice… Spiritual Practice is releasing ourselves from the confines of ego to know our truest nature. These confines of ego include reactivity to core wounds, patterned conditioning, and false beliefs. Anything that limits our potential to live a truly meaningful and connected life is ripe for Spiritual Growth. 

If being “spiritual” is not your persuasion, then you can re-title this Vlog, “Love Relationships as a Mental Health Practice”. Since, in my opinion, it’s all the same thing… Spiritual practice and/or mental health is all about optimal wellness and human potential by the stripping away of false identity.

The number one reason why love relationships can be so challenging and are ripe for spiritual growth is that sharing deep intimacy with another person requires letting ourselves be seen. This places us face-to-face with our very human core wounds around self-worth. 

At this point the well-intentioned Ego is on high-alert and responds by creating a whole slew of protective tactics such as doing things that keep us in the most attractive light or conversely picking fights to create a wedge between us and intimacy. The cost of these acts of hiding who we are include lack of closeness and increased risk of anxiety and depression. 

In a Love Relationship as a Spiritual Practice your “job” is to Love your partner. Your “job” is not to make the other person love you. The act of compromising self to increase the chance of your partner loving you is self-defeating and sets a foundation of hiding who you are.

As a Spiritual Practice, you must allow yourself to be seen.

Here are 3-Tips for Transmuting Old Wounds into Deep Intimacy and True Connection:

1) Show up as honest as possible as who you are
2) Allow yourself to communicate from that honest state of courageous vulnerability
3) View challenging moments in your relationship as an opportunity to grow & heal

So in short: Show Up!, Love, and Be willing to grow into more of who you are.

You are Worthy Beyond Words, and so is your partner. And together you have the potential to create So Much Joy.

Be well, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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